Dustin Knight

Graphic Designer

First and foremost: thank you for taking the time to look over my work. Before you lie the product of my blood, sweat and pixels and I hope someday soon to add the work I do with you to the collection of my personal best.

My specialty has long been my ability to bring something new and exciting to any project. And I shine best when balancing this honed skill to engage, surprise, learn from and teach my fellow artists with an unrivaled level of tenacity towards design. For it’s only with this unique blend of abstract soulfulness and empirical precision that a special aesthetic identity can root itself harmoniously and seamlessly into a wide-range of work. And only by being able to keep nature, tradition and technology in steady equilibrium can a foundation of respectful and responsible success come to fruition.

And my design is served by this wide-range of knowledge, from technology, science and philosophy to writing, mathematics and design. So regardless of the client or project, this varied bough of multidisciplinary traditions can adapt itself to take root and bear fruit. And whether its as a graphic designer, technical writer or even hardware technician you’ll find my adaptability and philosophy of life-long learning an immeasurable and priceless asset.