Cover and Package Design

Package for AEG's Romance of the Nine Empires card game.

The first of two covers used a minimalist typographic solution to demonstrating the foundational importance of collective pronouns such as “them” in the book’s collectivist setting .The second took an opposite approach and was made with a grunge/street-art style in the motif of a post-apocalyptic wasteland as per the book’s setting.

The illustrations depicted were meant to show a tainted “transformation” of a foodstuff from seed to farm to your kitchen. The cover of the case was merely the seed in the farmer’s hand. The book contained imagery of the fields. And the CD itself was the corrupt fruit in your own kitchen snapping at your knife.

The products were made for a potential museum gift shop known as “Twister”. The museum itself focused on natural disasters in addition to man’s relationship with the planet. The waterbottle is an original design--meant to both look like a tornado in addition to being insulated and able to survive a longer fall. The giftbags for the museum were made of burlap.